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Surface King specializes in arterial road rehabilitation, road reconstruction, commercial and industrial asphalt paving, concrete work and site development. Since the company’s founding our firm has grown from a asphalt repair company to Florida’s leading asphalt paving contractor currently specializing in site development. Surface King has extensive experience working with asphalt, concrete, earth moving, soil stabilization, pavement reclamation, underground utilities, and other various types of civil construction. Our relationships with the local material suppliers allow us the advantage of consistent quality and reliability of construction materials for any project we are involved.

asphalt-contractorSurface King asphalt professionals is a credible source for all asphalt and concrete installation and repair services. We are a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Surface King has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to exceed your expectations, which has qualified our company as the region’s premier asphalt contractor.

Whether you need a new asphalt surface laid down or you require repairs of a asphalt parking lot, Surface King is your reputable choice! With extensive knowledge and experience, we offer quality and reliable hot mix asphalt installation, surface striping, sealcoating and repairs that you can count on to endure.

concrete-flat-workSurface King is an expert at concrete operations, including curb and gutter, barrier and flatwork construction. Our trained and skilled personnel can form virtually any curb and gutter, sidewalk, median barrier or bridge parapet wall, as well as custom forms such as: super flat, tilt-up, rehab, foundation sets, sport courts, platforms, driveways, and steps.

From modern slipform equipment to hand-formed roller screeds, Surface King utilizes a variety of flat work finishing techniques including self-propelled triple drum roller screeds On a regular basis, we provide service for both commercial and industrial customers throughout Florida. Please use the quote form provided!

Stamped asphalt is a decorative product which is made by transforming regular asphalt into imitation brick, stone, or slate. Surface King‘s team of craftsmen have the know-how to create asphalt surface that comes as close to perfection as possible, whether it is paving a brand-new asphalt parking lot at any of a wide variety of commercial, industrial, or educational facilities or simply improving an existing lot. Ask about our precise infrared heating asphalt stamping, decorative paving, pattern paving, and decorative stamped asphalt experience. Additionally, painted asphalt lasts many years, however Surface King is asked frequently to recoat stamped asphalt done by other contractors. How is your asphalt stamped paint holding up? Contact us to learn more or call for your no-obligation quote!

Quality Asphalt Installation

Our paving crews are highly experienced craftsman for providing the most beautifully constructed asphalt surface for your client or business. Impress your clients and friends with a Surface King paved asphalt overlay.

Quality Concrete Flat Work

We are experts at flatwork including sidewalk installation & repairs, curb and gutter, plateforms & ADA compliant ramps. Finishes include broom finish, exposed aggregate, stamped, colored and decorative.

Quality Asphalt Seal Coating

Sealcoating is one of the most important parts of pavement maintenance. Sealcoating is used to protect asphalt pavement surfaces from damage caused by gasoline, oil drippings, salt, water and ultraviolet rays.

Thank you for your interest in our specialized services! You may call Surface King using the number that appears on our Contact Page to schedule your on-site estimate appointment.

Surface King Asphalt Paving Services Include: Asphalt Installation; Asphalt Seal Coating, Asphalt Repairs, Asphalt Resurfacing, Asphalt Line Striping, Exposed Aggregate, Concrete Pavement, Crack & Joint Sealing.

Surface King Asphalt Paving Applications Include: Asphalt Driveways, Asphalt Walkways, Asphalt Parking Lot Paving, Asphalt Oil and Chip Applications. Fog Seal, Sand Seal, Scrub Seal, Chip Seal & Slurry Seal.

Surface King Asphalt Industries Serviced Include: Apartments, Hotels and Motels, Condominiums & HOA’s, Municipalities, Retail, Schools and Universities, Worship Centers, Commercial & Industrial