Surface King Parking Lot, Street Signs & Wayfinding Directional Signs

Surface King, a recognized leader in asphalt and aggregate supply and paving, also provides temporary and permanent signage. As a subcontractor on projects throughout Florida, Surface King offers all-inclusive capabilities, streamlining project management, tracking, reporting and cost control efforts for the prime contractor. Experienced sign personnel backed by Surface King‘s reputation for quality, service and dependability, mean one less aspect of your project that you have to worry about.

About Wayfinding

Way-finding signage, or as some may refer to it “WayFinding Signage,” refers to a family of signage products created for the purpose of directing people to and from a defined area, all the while guiding them through paths, marking destinations reached, and providing both essential and commercial instructions and data along the way.

Wayfinding may be defined as all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space, navigate from place to place and interpret their surroundings. It is a directional concept with a focus on making all parts of the urban landscape easy to read and understand. Wayfinding in the conventional sense includes elements such as physical signage, some electronic signage, use of landmarks as navigational aids, and certain types of tactile features that employ the sense of touch. In addition, the latest handheld technology can provide pedestrians and other street users with a richer and more intimate urban experience.

Many of the Signage Provisions by Surface King

  • construction site signage
  • work zone signage
  • permanent street signage
  • permanent highway signage
  • permanent interstate signage
  • traffic control signage
  • electronic traffic control devices
  • barricades & traffic channelizing devices
  • portable electronic reader boards
  • traffic control devices
  • fencing for special events
  • wayfinding signage
  • parking signage
  • utility signage
  • warning signage
  • regulatory signage
  • banners
  • decals
  • magnetic signs
  • plastic corrugated signs

At Surface King, we understand that wayfinding is the art of using landmarks, signage, pathways and environmental cues to help first-time visitors navigate and experience a location without confusion. These cues should be well planned, seamlessly connected and aesthetically pleasing. Exterior directional, street and traffic signage is commonly the type of signage that asphalt contractors like Surface King is required to provide. All of the metal signage we use are in compliance with the American Disabilities Act. This includes all the posts and signage that we install at your property. In addition to out signage service we also provide core drilling to insure a solid post foundation.

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