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Surface King is a full-service line striping provider for parking lot owners, including commercial parking lots, retail chains, malls and strip malls, real estate developers, facility operations managers, and paving contractors. Whether you wish to restripe existing pavement marks and lines with a new coat or totally reconfigure the traffic flow to add more parking spaces or enhance the safety of your lot and driveways, we can help you design and produce the finished look you wish to have. We are familiar with all city, county, state, and federal striping codes and laws and will ensure that your business meets all the local and state requirements.

A first-rate parking lot may consist of many markings. Crosswalks, stop bars, loading-zone markings, and properly marked pickup areas (e.g. for customers or boarding vehicles,) inform pedestrians where they should walk when to give right-of-way to traffic, and what areas to avoid. Surface King‘s parking lot stripers will either re-stripe or lay out new markings — either to your blueprints specifications or our design — preserving or improving the flow of traffic on your property. Surface King will expertly apply line striping so that it results in steady, sharp lines with well-defined edges, starts, and stops.

Types of Line Striping Provided by Surface King

There are several options when it comes to parking lot striping layouts and styles. Surface King can help you decide things such as: Do I want single lines or double lines? Or Do I want straight-end design or the popular round-end design for the parking line? We can help with the design of your stalls or follow a set of well-drawn blueprints. It’s entirely up to you. It’s ideal to consult your city planner before you make any design decision that can affect your parking lot users.

  • Single Line Striping: This is a striping line that is just one single line separating two car spaces. This is the least expensive option when it comes to parking lot stripes.
  • Double Line Striping: This is a double line usually boxed at the end. Spaced approximately 1 foot apart from center line to center line these are preferred because they give drivers a small buffer that allows for better entry and exit of their parked vehicle and their car doors opening.
  • Round End Striping: Round End stalls are exactly like the double line parking lot striping mentioned above. However, they have a decorative rounded half circle end instead of a square flat end like the standard counterpart. Many high-end malls and business parks like to use these to add a touch of class to their line striping layout. Since they require a separate stencil to complete the round end they usually cost more than the standard double square-ended stall line.
  • Custom line Striping: Custom parking lot design is just that, custom and anything that you can think of pretty much can be painted. Through a whole set of tricks and tools, our industry has acquired over the last 50 years. Parking striping has come a long way and people are starting to come up with some amazing ways to make their drab parking lots look interesting and different while serving its basic function of organized parking. With mixed mediums such as paints, tapes, decals, and stencils. Parking Lot strippers are able to do some fun and creative things on Asphalt, Concrete, Dirt, and grass. Just give us a call and we can discuss your next big idea.
  • 90 Degree: This type of parking line is basically a stall that you pull straight into, also referred to as head-in parking. It means that when a vehicle pulls into a 90-degree stall it is positioned perfectly straight into the stall perpendicular to the curb face.
  • 60 Degree: This type of parking lot striping line is the second most common degree of parking stall layout. It is also referred to as angled parking. This is the least severe angle one can use when laying out a parking space and is often used where head-in or 90-degree parking is not permissible. Another reason one might want to use this type of layout would be that it helps create more backout space from the parking stall making it easier for vehicles to pull in and out.
  • 45 Degree: This angle choice in parking lot striping is exactly like the one mentioned above however the degree is even greater. The tighter an area is that parking is trying to be created the greater the severity of the angle needed.
  • 30 Degree: Same as above, however not recommended. When you start using angles this severe it usually comes at a huge cost to the number of stalls you can actually fit into that area. If you have no choice or the space is simply not a concern then this can work. But in most cases, these angels are not practical.
  • T-stall: Also known as boxed stalls. This type of layout scenario is typically used in an alley or up against a fence or block wall. The layout of allows a property owner to take advantage of areas where parking typically doesn’t occur. An example would be a building owner laying out parking along a wall where a driveway is. In order to maintain traffic flow, he can’t place a traditional parking space however; he can use t-stalls. This basically means striping the corners of single spaces parallel to the wall marked only by the two corners of the car’s outer edge with a “T”.
  • Tandem Parking: This type of parking lot striping layout refers to designing parking so that instead of parking one car in a space you can park two or even three depending on the layout space available to you. The Vehicles are typically parked head and the two cars are bumper to bumper. This only works in a situation where the tenant of the parking space is designated and they have the ability to move the car when necessary.

Maintaining the parking lot striping in your lot will greatly improve the overall appearance of your facility. Many properties and facility managers will use parking lot striping as a quick and affordable means to enhance the appearance of their properties. Parking lots that are properly laid out and painted will create a sense of safety and organization for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Surface King will execute your design layout, and inspect and install all necessary line striping and signage to ensure your compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signed into law in 1990.

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