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When interconnected asphalt cracks in your parking lot begin appearing, it’s time to begin thinking of a repair or maintenance solution. The problem is that when the asphalt starts cracking and is left unrepaired, water settles into those cracks, they expand, and eventually required reparations become extensive. Caught in time, however, typical asphalt crack repairs can be as simple as a sealcoating job or a basic asphalt resurfacing, or overlay.

As opposed to mix and mill, which recycles the asphalt surface and the base layer, asphalt overlay is the placement of hot mix asphalt over existing asphalt. This type of crack repair typically starts with an asphalt emulsion tack coat to ensure proper bonding of the old asphalt layer to the new one and then applying the new layer of asphalt on top of the old. As soon as the freshly laid hot asphalt mix is compacted and begins to cool, the curing process begins and the new pavement becomes firm.

Resurfacing can give your parking lot or roadway the look and feel of new pavement; it can also extend the lifespan of the pavement without the expense and inconvenience of removing and replacing the entire area. However, resurfacing should not be confused with seal coating, which merely involves spraying a protective product on the surface of the asphalt.

Subsequent to asphalt resurfacing and curing, it is recommended that the new surface be seal coated. Sealcoating limits the overlay’s exposure to the elements and protects the area from gas and oil drippings, sun, salt, and water penetration. Surface King recommends sealing the area 9 to 12 months after the asphalt has cured and every 24-36 months thereafter.

Asphalt resurfacing is not always a viable option. In situations such as significant structural deterioration, an inadequate sub-base, poor drainage conditions, or areas that have been resurfaced several times previously, resurfacing may not be advisable. In other cases, resurfacing can only be recommended when combined with options such as grinding, the addition of geotextile fabric or full-depth repairs.

Prior to an asphalt overlay, we will make all necessary repairs to ensure the best possible finished product. Every asphalt resurfacing job that we do carries with it an experienced asphalt installation team, whose purpose is to deliver a quality job, on time and within budget. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your asphalt resurfacing project is closely managed and supervised and exceeds your expectations.

Contractor’s Asphalt Tip

An overlay should never be done on a surface that is severely cracked, is crumbling or has spots that are significantly sunken. The new layer of asphalt will simply follow the path of the original layer. Within a short period of time, cracks, defects and depressions will form in the exact same areas as the original surface. When this happens, the surface will be just as damaged as it was before the overlay was applied. It may be difficult to determine whether or not resurfacing will work for your asphalt surface. Call our experienced professionals and ask them to evaluate the project for you. Our paving specialists can determine whether or not an overlay can be used on your surface.

After a careful evaluation of your existing pavement, our expert estimators will recommend the best options for your situation. Have a Surface King expert evaluate your asphalt’s condition and make recommendations on your best course of action.

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