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Asphalt parking lots are an economical solution for commercial properties. Asphalt provides a very sharp, clean, and professional look which is more inviting to prospective tenants and their customers.

An unblemished parking lot with crisp line markings sends a clear message to patrons and passersby that you are open for business and putting your best foot forward. Surface King can provide your parking lot the clean and professional look you desire, whether it’s asphalt, brick, or concrete. We bring years of experience to each project and have built long-term relationships throughout Florida.

Maintaining your asphalt parking lot pavement on your property is vital to extending the life of the surface. Whether you operate an apartment complex, a municipality, or a retail center, a well-maintained parking lot can add curb appeal to your property while minimizing the risk of accidental injuries. Surface King specializes in parking lot paving and preventative maintenance. Filling cracks and seal coating your parking lot can extend the pavement’s lifespan and reduce the cost of replacing your parking area.

Professional and Reliable

We can work from commercial land developers or property owners’ pre-defined paving specifications or offer paving recommendations that are in line with your project scope, budget, and timeframes. A paving contractor or company with our extensive experience may also be able to offer alternatives and approaches that are more economical, and long-lasting and will also further beautify your commercial business environment. Some of our most commonly requested parking lot services include:

  • Parking Lot Layout and Design
  • Line Striping and Lot Marking
  • Curbs and Gutters
  • Sidewalks
  • Repaving Asphalt
  • Sealcoating Asphalt
  • Aprons
  • Dumpster Pads
  • Drainage Flumes
  • Parking Bumpers and Bollards
  • Asphalt Stamping and Painting
  • Parking Lot Signage

Asphalt parking lots mean much quicker installation. This is a good alternative to complete reconstruction, which can take weeks to finish. In large surface areas like parking lots, quality asphalt can be applied quick and efficiently.

Asphalt Parking Lots Can Endure 20 to 30 Years

That variation in age can be determined by the stability of the sub-grade, the quality of the installation, the type and frequency of maintenance, the drainage plan and the climate of the region you’re located in. Our experts can schedule your work in stages to maintain open access throughout the entire project. Our professional estimators will also ensure that all projects are completed properly and on time.

Whether your parking lot project is a shopping mall parking lot, kindergarten, church, commercial or industrial parking lot, we are a reputable paving provider who specializes in parking lot paving placement as well as the reconstruction and resurfacing of existing commercial and industrial parking lots.

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